Shandong aluminum hydroxide manufacturers promote process equipment and building energy conservation

Mar 03,2018

With the rapid development of the market economy, the focus of business operations has gradually shifted to the market as the center. How to adapt to this change, maximize the potential of equipment, reduce costs, and ensure that enterprises maintain a good development trend in the fierce market economy is what every enterprise must consider. Process innovation and technological innovation are the keys to the survival and development of enterprises. Powdered alumina products have been gradually eliminated by the market, which makes Shandong alumina manufacturers must produce qualified sand alumina products through transformation. Only in this way can enterprises survive and develop.

In order to ensure the rational utilization and energy saving of the project, earnestly implement the national industrial policy and energy saving design specifications, and combine the specific conditions of the project, specific measures for effective and reasonable utilization and energy saving are put forward.

Implement the "Technical Regulations on Energy-saving Design of Nonferrous Metal Industry" and relevant standards, specifications and regulations in the design, and select energy-saving equipment to save energy and reduce consumption.

(1) Consideration of energy saving in process and equipment selection The advanced wide-channel plate heat exchanger is used to replace the original spiral plate heat exchanger, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency, and the service life is increased from less than 3 months to more than 8 years.

The high-efficiency cyclone is used for classification, and the particles that meet the particle size of the finished product, coarse seed and fine seed are fully separated, which improves the production efficiency.

The use of advanced vertical disc filter greatly reduces the moisture content of the filtered product, has high efficiency and saves electricity significantly.

Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation to effectively reduce power consumption.

(2) Energy saving of electrical equipment The main electrical equipment--power transformer adopts 59 energy-saving transformers. The mechanical equipment that needs to be regulated is driven by a frequency converter to meet the requirements of regulation and energy saving at the same time. Energy-saving lamps are used in the workshops of Shandong aluminum hydroxide manufacturers for lighting.

(3) Building energy conservation In this project, the envelope structure of the building with heating is carried out according to the national building energy conservation design standard to reduce energy loss. The heat transfer coefficient of the envelope structure of the locally air-conditioned room should meet the design requirements of the air conditioner to reduce the cooling load.

The sand-like transformation of Shandong aluminum hydroxide manufacturers has made the company take a big step forward in the production process of sand-like alumina. It has completed the sand-like transformation goal proposed by Chinalco Group, and basically realized the sand-like transformation of products. However, there is still a big gap between this goal and the world's advanced level, and there is still a lot of work to be done in the sand-like transformation process. It should be allowed to summarize the company's decades of experience and lessons in producing alumina, and use the company's strong scientific research and technical strength to find out new measures suitable for the production and transformation of sand-like alumina for Shandong aluminum materials, so that sand-like alumina products can truly reach the world's advanced level.