Recently, the world's first 10,000-ton aluminum hydroxide production line was successfully developed

Mar 03,2018


Nowadays, the production efficiency of aluminum hydroxide is getting higher and higher. It is reported that on November 12, a set of million-ton aluminum hydroxide micropowder production lines developed by a company in Henan achieved fruitful results and passed the appraisal of relevant organizations.

This is the world's first 10,000-ton aluminum hydroxide production equipment. Its key technology has reached the international advanced level, which is another acceleration of production efficiency and an important milestone in the production of chemical products in my country.

Through the hard work of the project team, a series of key engineering technologies for preparing high-white aluminum hydroxide from Bayer process high-concentration sodium aluminate solution have been overcome, and a complete set of production line product quality control system has been formed. Compared with other production processes, it has a large cost advantage.

It is understood that the high-white aluminum hydroxide micropowder produced by this device is mainly used in flame retardants and catalyst supports of polymer materials.