Standardize the storage and transportation management of aluminum hydroxide

Mar 03,2018

Aluminum hydroxide raw materials should be standardized for storage and transportation management to prevent leakage, rain and other secondary pollution losses caused by poor management of aluminum hydroxide storage and transportation.

The aluminum hydroxide storage area implements a comprehensive smoking ban management. The relevant staff of the company are strictly prohibited from bringing tobacco into the area. If outsiders smoke in the area, the staff are obliged to dissuade and stop them.

The aluminum hydroxide storage site should be kept hygienic, clean, tidy and dry to prevent secondary pollution caused by storage. The staff carefully instructs the unloading personnel to unload the truck to prevent damage to the packaging bags or leakage of aluminum hydroxide caused during the unloading process, and at the same time ensure that the tons of aluminum hydroxide bags are stacked and placed neatly.

During the storage period of aluminum hydroxide, the staff should pay attention to the weather changes in real time, purchase necessary protective cloths and other coverings, organize personnel to seal and cover the aluminum hydroxide before the rainy and sandstorm weather, and do a good job of waterproofing and flood control in the area.