Professional R&D and production of aluminum hydroxide series
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Shandong Seibou Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., located in Zibo High-tech Development Zone, Shandong, is a professional manufacturer of alumina series polishing and grinding powder and aluminum hydroxide flame retardant series products. The company system consists of the planning department, the business department, the production department, the quality inspection department, the laboratory, the finance department, and the warehousing department.

The company has a high-level technical research and development team, strong new product research and development and production capabilities, equipped with advanced powder test bases and complete testing instruments, applying international leading production technology and professional production equipment, and has a high-level The quality management system is equipped with international advanced testing equipment in the same industry, and comprehensive quality monitoring is implemented for each process of the production process, so that the company's product safety meets the best product quality standards. A group of high-quality sales engineers and multiple technical research service teams provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. The company adheres to the corporate tenet of "strengthening quality control, adhering to technological progress, manufacturing high-quality products, and providing satisfactory services", and serves customers with a brand-new service model and high-quality product reputation.

Shibang Chemical's tireless and perfect research and development on alumina series products make the products rich and colorful. The company has introduced domestic and foreign high-tech, advanced complete sets of production equipment and technological processes to produce higher-quality products. It recruits domestic professionals who have long been engaged in R&D, production, quality inspection, and management in this industry, and conducts professional training for all employees to ensure that product quality meets all elements of similar international products under absolute control.

Product diversification: Shibang Chemical can provide a wide variety of products, according to customer's different technical requirements, different quality level requirements and technical reform support, in the fields of alumina polishing and grinding powder and various types of hydroxide flame retardants, etc. Shibang Chemical provides customers with a variety of options and opportunities.

Scientific research marketization: Shibang Chemical's technological innovation and scientific research development are supported by the actual demand information of customers. The company has sufficient resources to maximize product performance and quickly transform scientific research results into products. The effect is to provide customers Get high-quality products and economic benefits quickly.

Standardization of service: Our users across the country rely on the all-round support and services provided by Lionbang’s professional staff. Lionbang Chemical’s regional service organization can provide technical support and product services according to the needs of users, including Deliver the smallest number of product samples to provide the most technical options and opportunities.

The company adheres to the business tenet of customer first, best quality, and integrity first, centering on the entrepreneurial spirit of pioneering, innovative, enterprising, efficient, and reputation, with full enthusiasm, sincere cooperation attitude, and win-win business philosophy, warmly welcome Friends and companies from all walks of life at home and abroad come and patronize!

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